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Meet Itzel

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

My ambition to help others began as a freshman in high school. I was fortunate enough to enroll into a nursing assistant program, which allowed me to care for the elderly following graduation. After getting married and relocating, I dedicated my free time in creating healthier eating habits and weightlifting. Due to previous inconsistency, I strived to stay as motivated as I began. Almost 3 years later and I would have never imagined all that my body has rewarded me with. I decided to turn my lifestyle into a career in order to help others obtain the same satisfaction I've gained. I aspire to provide all the tools needed in order to grow confidence, as well as strengthening mind and body.

My Vision

Create easy to follow exercise programs and nutritional education in order to guarantee results.


Provide tips that can allow client to gain knowledge and confidence.

Offer durable and aesthetically pleasing fitness apparel at an affordable price.


Why Train with IQ?

Suitable for Beginners





Customized Training



NASM Certified CPT & FNS

As an entrepreneur who is result-oriented, I am dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. I wanted to create a free of judgement, women empowering community where the ultimate goal is to strive for growth. May it be in nutrition or exercise, I strive in providing knowledge and tips that will allow you to better yourself inside and out. 


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